Dan Gentry

Programmer, Manager, Musician

Fireplace Basics

I'm Dan Gentry, an IT guy and musician living in Traverse City, Michigan


Since my kids were young, they have always referred to me as a "computer guy" when asked what I do. That's pretty much true, but a little more detail may be in order.

Currently, I'm the Director of Administrative Systems for Northwestern Michigan College. My team and I support the Banner student information system, plus several smaller applications. Since starting in 2014, I've learned much about the student side of higher education. Luckily, I have a great staff, so my main tasks are to lead meetings and tell corny jokes.

I came to NMC from Purdue University, where I served 12 years in the Purdue University Development Office. As Director of Advancement Information Services, my role was to make data and applications understandable and useful to normal people, and to help support the University and its mission. My first four years at Purdue (beginning in 2001) were spent as the Assistant Director of the same department, where I led the reporting and data analysis efforts.

Before entering higher education, I spent 15 years working in county government as a programmer, project leader, and manager.

In addition to my day job, I develop web applications as a freelance developer using the Python/Django platform. See dashdrum.com for more info.

Finally, since becoming a manager, I'm fairly worthless at PC setup and debugging. I'll try, but you'd probably be better off calling a professional. :)


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Stars and Stripes Concert Music

I was lucky to play trombone with the Lafayette Citizens' Band for several years, and also in the spinoff group the "Top Brass" - providing music at selected ROTC events for Purdue University. I served a term on the Band's Board of Directors in 2012/13.

Beginning in 2010, I was invited to participate in the Teddy Bear Concert, put on by the New Day Foundation. It's a great show for a great cause, and I look forward to it each year.

I can also be found playing electric bass and Irish bouzouki, mostly in my basement.